Saturday, 27 July 2013

Irina Neblea cures puppies of parvovirus in a field.

Facebook won't show a photo I want some people to see, so I'm bouncing it off my blog in hopes that it will be visible here.  Finger crossed!

This is my good friend Irina Neblea of Constanta, Romania. She rescues stray and endangered animals, cares for them, feeds them, treats their ills and rehomes them when she can.  She is a superwoman; intelligent, fit, kind and can swear in English better than I can.  She has much to swear about.  No income, neighbours who harass her animals and vandalise her property because they don't agree with rescuing dogs, and much else that I won't mention here.  She is in permanent debt and has problems that could be solved by most English people's annual holiday budget, but never will be.  She is my hero and I love her.

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