Friday, 24 May 2013

I've often wished I could share my food with hungry animals

Lucky dogs in a *good* shelter in Romania
I have been reading recently about the "Live Below the Line" challenge, where people try to live on £1 per day for 5 days, to see how it feels to be so poor that you can't afford proper food.

This is of course a human-oriented initiative. Participants give the money raised to the likes of Oxfam, and ask friends and relatives to sponsor them for each day achieved, up to 5.
I have become very aware lately of how well I live compared to stray dogs, cats and other animals, especially in countries such as Serbia and Romania and I would like to even the balance a little. Obviously we have to look after ourselves and I am not being over-sentimental about this, but I reckon I can do this challenge and maybe make a difference for the animals and their rescuers in the process. 

So the plan is, starting Tuesday, I will spend no more than £1 per day on food and drink for 5 days. I am not allowed to accept anything from other people (ie tea or coffee) without factoring that in, so there's no cheating. I will post here what I have eaten each day (only water to drink for me!) and how much it has cost, and perhaps a little about how it feels.

Would anyone be prepared to sponsor me for 50p for each day that I achieve, up to 5 days? My plan is to divide the money I raise (I already have some sponsorship through Facebook) between "Serbia's Forgotten Paws", "One by One Until There are None" and Irina Neblea who runs a shelter in Constanta in Romania. (These all have their own Facebook page, so please feel free to look them up and see what they are all about). Because many of the people who will read this don't actually know me, I have also asked someone who has been involved with these rescue organisations for a long time to act as treasurer and accept donations into their paypal account, so everyone can be sure that I am not up to some money-making trick!

Please don't feel in any way obliged, we are all under financial pressure these days and the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel awkward.  By the same token, I hope that you will excuse me for asking.

I will also be posting this on various
Facebook pages, so please ignore any duplication. All comments, suggestions and, of course, sponsorship offers, gratefully received!

Thank you.

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